Apple Support says iPhone 13 models don’t support Noise Cancellation feature available in previous iPhones

a few weeks ago, 9to5Mac reported a growing complaint from iPhone 13 users about the lack of a noise-canceling feature for phone calls via the Accessibility settings that is available for all older iPhones, but not newer ones. Now what we thought might just be a bug is actually Apple removing the feature.

One of our readers, Steve, shared with us a conversation he had with Apple Support on Twitter. According to him, “After working with Apple and a senior advisor for months saying to wait for an update to fix the issue, I received an update on the issue and apparently it will not be fixed and noise cancellation will be intentionally disabled by those devices for unspecified reasons.

We have an update on this. Phone noise cancellation isn’t available on iPhone 13 models, so you don’t see this option in Settings.

After asking for clarification on whether the iPhone 13 series would not support noise cancellation for phone calls, Apple’s support team replied:

That’s right. It is not compatible. If you would like to leave feedback on this feature, please feel free to visit:

For those who don’t know, a month ago a Reddit user asked about the iPhone 13’s noise cancellation feature for phone calls, as it wasn’t available on the Accessibility page. Then another user pointed to an Apple forum discussion from October.

I can’t find the lever to turn off the [noise] cancellation feature on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Has it been moved or deleted? When I use FaceTime and talk on speakerphone, my voice cuts out.

Then, at that time, an Apple community specialist pointed out an article to help users adjust audio settings on iPhone. The problem is that iPhone 13 users cannot find this specific feature:

  • Phone Noise Cancellation: Turn on to reduce ambient background noise on phone calls when you hold the receiver close to your ear.

another user, dagocarlito, posted that Apple is aware of this issue:

The iPhone 13 has “never” had this option with iOS 15 because it’s a glitch. I’ve been talking to Apple support about this. This is a known issue that they are working on with no resolution timeline at this time. This issue also creates issues with echoes in CarPlay when talking between iPhone 13. This is a major flaw that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Now, finally, we know that Apple is not planning to address this issue, as the company doesn’t think removing this feature will be a problem after all.

It’s unclear why the company decided to remove this feature and why it doesn’t plan to add it back. As you can see in the featured image above, on the left is my iPhone XS with this feature, and on the right is the iPhone 13 Pro without the phone noise cancellation feature.

As of now, the only workaround available would be to turn on the voice isolation feature on a call in Control Center.

Have you experienced this? How does it affect your daily use? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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