NCAA changes transgender athlete participation policy amid calls for reevaluation

The NCAA changed its policy regarding transgender athletes, it announced Wednesday. The new approach to allowing transgender athletes will follow a sport-by-sport model similarly adopted by the US and international Olympic committees, Sports Illustrated reported. CAITLYN JENNER: ‘WOKE WORLD’ DOESN’T WORK FOR WOMEN’S SPORTS “We are steadfast in our support of transgender student-athletes and in … Read more

NFL moves to dismiss Jon Gruden lawsuit, calls ex-Las Vegas Raiders coach’s claims against league ‘baseless’

The NFL has filed a motion asking a Nevada court to dismiss former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden’s lawsuit against the league, saying allegations that the NFL leaked Gruden’s emails are “baseless” and “They should be dismissed as failing to establish a single viable cause of action.” .” The league responded Wednesday to the … Read more

NCAA updates policy on transgender participation, to let each sport set requirements

The NCAA announced a new policy Wednesday in which eligibility requirements for transgender athletes will be determined by each sport’s national governing body. The new requirements take effect immediately. The previous policy, adopted in 2010, was uniform across sports and based on hormone therapy requirements. The new policy comes at a time when transgender athletes … Read more

Agent’s Take: What If Dak Prescott played in 2021 on a second franchise tag instead of signing long-term deal?

La derrota de los Cowboys por 23-17 ante los 49ers en la ronda de comodines de los playoffs como tercer sembrado de la NFC terminó en una pesadilla. Un empate de mariscal de campo de 17 yardas de Dak Prescott con 14 segundos restantes tomó demasiado tiempo para que Dallas matara el reloj para ejecutar … Read more

Judges reveal why Novak Djokovic had to miss Australian Open

In a written statement, the justices said it was not unreasonable for Immigration Minister Alex Hawke to expel Djokovic out of concern that the unvaccinated Serbian star might pose a risk to public health and order. The ruling said the minister was open to inferring that Djokovic’s presence could fuel anti-vaccine protests, which could help … Read more

Novak Djokovic considers lawsuit against Australia

Unvaccinated tennis star Novak Djokovic is considering filing a lawsuit with the Australian government after he was deported in the interest of public health ahead of the Australian Open. Djokovic, 34, was consulting his legal team about suing the country for $4.4 million, a fee that includes the $2.75 million prize the world’s best tennis … Read more

3 thoughts after the Dallas Mavericks hold off the Toronto Raptors, 102-98

The Dallas Mavericks held off an energetic Toronto Raptors team at home on Wednesday night, 102-98. Luka Doncic scored a new season high, adding 41 points and grabbing 14 rebounds. Pascal Siakam scored 20 in Toronto’s loss. Both teams started strong offensively, but Toronto effectively destroyed the offensive boards throughout the period. This resulted in … Read more