It’s time to get a purple PS5 DualSense controller (if you’re into it)

Galactic Purple DualSense controller for PS5

The PlayStation Direct online store is selling Galactic Purple DualSense controllers today, ahead of a wide release on February 11.

Sony recently announced a new wave of colors for the PS5 DualSense controllers, and if you’re looking for something extra stylish, the time has come. While Nova Pink and Starlight Blue controllers are available from retailers like Amazon, today is the day for my Galactic Purple fans – that color combination is in stock “advance” if you buy directly from PlayStation. Otherwise, there are a few more weeks to go before the general release on February 11.

At any moment we can recover a bit of “nothing is off the table!” energy from the Nintendo 64 days, I’m here for it. That said, $75 surely feels expensive for a gamepad, even a good one.

Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple DualSense Controllers

As someone who already has two white controllers and can’t justify buying another DualSense just because I prefer a more vibrant look, I’m jealous of anyone in the market for a purple, blue or pink DualSense controller – they really pop!

Casually, I feel like purple is a crowd favorite, but I’d like to see a breakdown once the dust settles. Maybe Midnight Black is all you ever wanted. It will age well!

While I can see many PS5 owners eventually picking up a replacement controller (either willingly or unwillingly) to make co-op play easier, I wonder how many people will feel the need to get one? alternative console cover — red and black will be available on January 21, by the way. I’m not inherently against the idea for ~aesthetic~ reasons, but I also don’t want to change parts and then have to deal with finding a safe home for the original white cover. Things got really weird with the loose Xbox 360 faceplates, you know?

For everyone complaining about this article in the midst of struggling to even find a PS5, period: I get it.

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