Kings not allowed to continue ‘Cold as Ice’ bit used following Russell Westbrook’s missed shots, per report

Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Russell Westbrook is not a good shooter. We know this from years of evidence. What we also know is that Westbrook has been one of the most entertaining and productive players in the NBA during his 14-year career, breaking all existing triple-double records in the process.

But still, it’s prone to some cold shot stretches. He is currently mired in an ugly 8-for-40 shooting slump in his last three games, two of which resulted in losses to the Lakers. On Wednesday night, Westbrook was 2-for-14 from the field and 0-for-5 from 3-point range in the Lakers’ 125-116 loss on the road to the Sacramento Kings. He shot so poorly that the Kings’ game operations team at the Golden 1 Center decided to play an audio clip of the 1977 Foreigner classic “Cold as Ice” every time Westbrook missed.

Every time Westbrook’s shot echoed around the rim, “You’re as cool as ice” echoed throughout the arena. The Kings also trolled Westbrook with his name and image on the jumbotron before kickoff with the title, “Ice Cold Player of the Game.” As comical as it may have been to some, the Kings will not be allowed to continue with the part, according to Sean Cunningham of ABC 10 in Sacramento.

Certainly no stranger to boos, he had a quick and clever response when asked about it after the loss.

“It’s funny,” said Westbrook, who said he didn’t notice the stunt during the game. “I hope they’ve played that for the last 14 years too. It’s fun that they’re playing it now. That’s nice.”

Westbrook has shot a respectable 45 percent from the field against Sacramento throughout his career, averaging 22.3 points, 8.4 assists and 7.9 rebounds in 46 games, so his response is pretty accurate (unlike his recent shooting).

However, if Westbrook’s frigid shooting continues, it’s the Lakers’ most pressing concern. He’s struggled to fit in all season and, as our Sam Quinn wrote, head coach Frank Vogel might have to reconsider how is using the former MVP. Westbrook’s 18.7 points per game is his lowest average since his second year in the league.

“We’re working with Russ,” Vogel said after the loss to Sacramento. “He’s getting our training. We’re just trying to get him in positions to be successful. He’s just on a losing streak right now, finishing at the basket and from the perimeter. We just have to stay with that and help him get through it.”

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