Nearly all COVID patients in NYC had Omicron around Christmas

“Almost all” COVID-19 patients in New York City over the Christmas period were infected with the Omicron variant, the city’s Department of Health said.

An analysis of city data for the week ending Dec. 25 found that the highly transmissible variant was present in 90 percent of samples collected in the five boroughs, officials said Thursday.

Omicron spread about four times faster than the Delta variant and was the dominant species in the city just five weeks after it was discovered, the health department found.

There was encouraging news about the severity of the strain: Omicron patients were less than half as likely to be hospitalized as Delta patients, according to the report, and fully vaccinated patients were eight times less likely to be hospitalized. be included with the latest variant.

Woman gets COVID-19 test
During the holiday season, many people contracted the Omicron variant.
Stefan Jeremiah
People queuing for COVID-19 test
COVID-19 Omicron variant was present in 90 percent of test samples.

But there were a higher number of Omicron patients in the hospital over the holidays as the number of patients in the city soared to record highs, the department noted.

The unvaccinated, over-75s and black New Yorkers would most likely be hospitalized with Omicron, officials said — as they explained that “long-term structural racism” was the root of the racial inequality.

Children who had not received a COVID-19 shot were also “significantly” more likely to require medical attention than their vaccinated peers, the report said.

Child gets vaccine injection
Vaccinated patients were eight times less likely to be hospitalized for the Omicron variant.
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New York City’s seven-day average of cases fell by 28,507 cases per day recorded this week, from more than 42,000 in the early days of the new year, data shows.

According to the most recent data, there were 626 COVID-19 hospitalizations per day and 75 deaths in the city.


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