Passaic New Jersey chemical plant fire is 11 alarm at Qualco

PASSAIC — An 11-alarm chemical fire sent plumes of smoke and drew several mutual aid services to the city on a freezing Friday night.

Mayor Hector Lora said most of the fire was in the Majestic Industries part of the property, but that part also spread to the Qualco chemical plant at 225 Passaic Street, the mayor said. Hector Lora.

Lora said the fire was already in several buildings and they expected to lose the entire structure. He noted that although the fire had not yet reached the area where the chemicals are stored, intermittent popping and small explosions indicated that it was getting closer.

“There have been some bad fires but this is the worst I have ever seen,” he said.

The smoke was so heavy it was picked up by National Weather Service radar as it spread through northern New Jersey and off the coast.

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