Russia moves more troops westward amid Ukraine tensions

MOSCOW – Russia is sending an unspecified number of troops from the country’s far east to Belarus for major war games, officials said Tuesday, a deployment that will further bolster Russian military assets near Ukraine amid Western fears of a planned invasion. Amid mounting tensions, the White House warned that Russia could attack its neighbor … Read more

U.S. Aims Sanctions at Pro-Russian Agents as Blinken Plans Ukraine, Russia Meetings

The US prepares financial sanctions on pro-Russian operatives in Ukraine as Foreign Minister Antony Blinken heads to Europe to meet with the Ukrainian leadership and its Russian counterpart, as part of a display of diplomacy and pressure that Washington hopes Russia will stop. will stop it from invading its neighbor, US officials said. As pressure … Read more

Houthis Fired Barrage of Drones and Missiles in Abu Dhabi Attack, Investigation Finds

Houthi militants in Yemen on Monday used a mix of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and drones to attack Abu Dhabi and parts of Saudi Arabia in one of the most daring attacks by the Iranian-backed group on its Gulf rivals in years. , according to people informed about the United Arab Emirates’ preliminary investigation. The … Read more

Brace for a volatile 2022, but cling to this tech stalwart when the storm comes, says investment adviser

The pain is piling up on stock investors after a long weekend in the US, with bond yields at levels not seen since early 2020, and oil prices crossing their 2014 highs. The pace of the Fed’s monetary tightening amid the highest inflation in nearly 40 years, a bumpy start to corporate earnings reporting season … Read more

Herd Immunity Is Over—Long Live Superimmunity

Forget herd immunity. Covid-19 vaccines and previous infections do not provide long-lasting protection against infection and transmission, especially with the Omicron variant. This makes it impossible for enough of the population to become immune to prevent the virus from spreading. But don’t despair. Omicron will give a large part of the population what some scientists … Read more

Credit Suisse’s António Horta-Osório Lost Board Support Over Covid-19 Rules Breach

He came to fix the Credit Suisse group AG’s shattered culture. Then it became part of the problem. Antonio Horta Osorio was hoping for a slap in the wrist on Sunday from Credit Suisse CS 0.38% Council for breaching coronavirus quarantine rules on trips to events, according to people familiar with his departure. Instead, he … Read more

Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Claim Suspected Drone Attacks on U.A.E. Capital

Yemeni Houthi rebels said they were behind suspected drone strikes in the United Arab Emirates that killed three people on Monday, as intensified fighting in a 7-year-old civil war spreads across the wider Middle East. The Houthis, who are backed by Iran, said they had targeted Abu Dhabi in retaliation for a recent escalation by … Read more

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Family Marks Holiday With Voting-Rights March

Nation’s capital marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day with suffrage march led by family of late civil rights leader, as congressional Democrats pledge to advance suffrage legislation despite its expected failure. March leaders are urging people to ask Congress to pass election law changes nationwide instead of celebrations at the federal holiday dedicated to Dr. … Read more

Up to three-quarters of the $800 billion PPP flowed to business owners instead of workers, study finds

A study from leading economists found that the benefits of a prominent small business relief program designed at the height of the pandemic mostly went to business owners rather than workers. The study, by authors including renowned MIT economics professor David Autor, as well as several Federal Reserve economists, examined the $800 billion paycheck protection … Read more

Credit Suisse Chairman to Leave After Breaking Covid Travel Rules

Credit Suisse Group AG CS 0.38% Chairman Antonio Horta Osorio left the World Bank after a board investigation into his travel and personal behavior, according to people familiar with the bank. Credit Suisse said late Sunday that Mr Horta-Osório had resigned following a board-mandated investigation. The people said the investigation examined his behaviour, including travel … Read more