WHO recommends two new drugs to combat COVID-19 infection

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended two new drugs to fight COVID-19 infections.

The first new drug recommended for critical COVID-19 cases is baricitinib, an oral drug that suppresses the immune system when overstimulated.

The WHO recommends giving baricitinib along with corticosteroids.

The second drug to use for mild cases where a person has a high chance of hospitalization is sotrovimab, a drug with monoclonal antibodies.

According to the WHO, this should be given to individuals who have not been vaccinated, are elderly, have a compromised immune system, or are obese.

“The extent to which these drugs will save lives will depend on how widely available and affordable they will be,” the WHO said in its statement.

The recommendations come as concerns arise that existing COVID-19 treatments will not be effective against the ommicron variant.

The two drugs were also invited on Friday to pass through the WHO’s prequalification unit, which “assesses the quality, efficacy and safety of priority health products to increase access in lower-income countries.”

The WHO has recommended the two drugs after evaluating evidence gathered in seven studies of 4,000 mild, severe and critical cases of COVID-19.

The Food and Drug Administration has already approved baricitinib and sotrovimab for emergency use.

The WHO has advised against ruxolitinib and tofacitinib due to their uncertain effects.


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